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Breakthrough Version
Name changed. Used to be The Bible for a New Generation. New website

An Extensive Makeover of the Bible
More Accurate than the KJV
Easier to Understand than the Living Bible

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A New Bible

How is this Bible different from other Bibles?
  • easy-to-understand, not confusing or difficult
  • an accurate word-for-word translation, not a faulty paraphrase
  • new and fresh
  • based on Greek manuscripts, not on old English versions
  • updates archaic "Bible words" like, glory, gospel, and righteousness
  • uses everyday, common words
  • a collection of books, not a collection of verses
  • corrects mistranslations in other Bible versions
  • easy-to-read, not hard or complex

Once you read the Breakthrough Version,
you will wonder how the Bible could have
become so out-dated and hard-to-understand.

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Latin No More

John Wycliffe In the 14th century, the Bible had not been translated into English. Only educated people and priests who knew Latin could read it. The average person was left out. He was in the dark. When John Wycliffe translated the first English Bible from Latin in 1395, it brought God's Word to the common person. Anyone could finally read and understand the Bible.

Today we face a similar situation. Only pastors and people who study the archaic language of the Bible understand it. Even modern Bible versions, because they still use many of John Wycliffe's old words (words like, gospel, grace, righteousness, and justify), seem like Latin to most people. A huge canyon has developed between the church and the world it lives in.

A twenty-first century John Wycliffe has spent decades trying to produce an accurate translation of the Bible in everyday language. The Breakthrough Version is the result of his labors. It brings the Bible once more to common people using their words to express God's message to them. Anyone can read it and understand what it says.

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Just Read It

Just Read It

A unique thing about this Bible version is that all you need to do is read it. You don't need an education in Greek or Bible Study Methods. You don't need to sit in on hours and hours of sermons and lessons about the Bible. You don't need Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, Bible commentaries, lexicons, other Bible versions, or Greek and Hebrew Bibles.

All you need is the Breakthrough Version. Just read it.

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Discover the Secrets of the Bible

The Bible has a lot of secrets to tell, secrets from God, secrets that can change the world. These treasures have lain buried under the dust of archaic terms and expressions for centuries.

Many people have spent countless years sifting through old books, diagramming sentences, memorizing foreign languages, and researching Bible texts to find a few hidden nuggets of truth. Those few nuggets alone changed lives. Some gave all and found nothing.

You have it easy. All you have to do is open the Breakthrough Version and read. It is the mother lode. Discover wealth you never thought existed.

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God's Word in Your Words

Whenever God spoke directly to someone, He always spoke in the words that the listener spoke.

When God breathed His ideas into the minds of certain people and guided their hands to write down His message, the words they wrote were everyday, common words.

God wants to speak to you in your words.

The Breakthrough Version is God's Word in your words. Read it today!

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Use It For:

  • Sunday School Lessons
  • Outreach
  • Small Group
    Bible Studies
  • Self-education
  • Witness to Family, Friends,
    and Strangers
  • Sermon Preparation